My Muslim Friends

I met the first Muslim when I was 20 years old in Kosovo. That was how little exposure I had to certain cultures by that point in my life. I didn’t live a monocultural life by any means. My extended family included a lot of Latinos: Mexican, Bolivian and now a Peruana. My mom was a third culture kid herself. One of my closest friends from high school comes from an Indian family. However, a lot of my life was still pretty white and American. But at 20, I was exposed to a new culture, Islam. We were evacuated from … Continue reading My Muslim Friends

Consider Jesus

Consider Jesus I left uni and came to the UK for a gap year that would change my life. 8 friends and myself spent our days giving students an opportunity to consider Jesus. I learnt British culture. I learnt a handful of other cultures. I found a church I loved. I learnt funny words and ways of saying things. My language is now littered with u’s and an intonation that does not always fit a normal American. I spent a lot of time on campus and in bars and pubs having discussions about Jesus (and in bars and pubs on … Continue reading Consider Jesus