The Gift of Asylum Seekers to the Church

We don’t need to close ourselves off from the world in order to maintain the status of “Christian country.” It’s a myth that we are anyways. Both the Bill of Rights and my general Christian conscience motivates me to welcome Muslims, Hindus, atheists and anyone else wanting freedom and a place to grow and raise their family. I’m not a religious pluralist. I think Jesus is the only way to get to God but I’m not afraid of changing demographics. The gospel stands up in a pluralistic society so let’s welcome those who are religiously different. I trust the power of the gospel to change hearts, not a religious test. 

A pastor friend and I spoke over breakfast of being happy that numbers of “Christians” are dropping in the country. Get rid of the dross. Those who think they are Christian because they are American but do not grasp the gospel. I’d take a country of 5% real Christians over 90% cultural Christians any day. Cultural Christianity does not save. 

But the reality of immigration and at the moment, asylum seekers at our border, is that a much higher percentage of them claim to follow Christ than the general US population. People worry about the country becoming more secular and less Christian but they don’t realize the revitalization of the American church may very well be in the gift of asylum seekers who have followed Jesus more faithfully than we have. #

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