Something is wrong with the Church when…

I am gravely concerned with large portions of the American church. Particularly the bits that make the news.

Whatever is driving the current climate: boastfulness, arrogance, bigotry, fear, self-righteous nationalism, pick-and-mix-handling-of-scripture, forgetting that entire cultures and regions of the world that we despise are made up of millions of people that are made in the image of God, forgetting that Christ loves and died for the Muslim, the agnostic and the secularist.

When a Christian university’s student body cheers over someone who is introduced as “the man who bombs the middle east.” I am ashamed. I am ashamed to call them my fellow believers. I also wonder how they can know the same Jesus that I have spent years telling my friends about.

One theory is that there is a shallowness to our understanding of Scripture, or maybe people aren’t reading it at all. We cannot read God’s word and not be convicted to our soul that this is ungodly to its core. Perhaps the issue is people are Christian in name but do not know the Christ they claim at all.

Jonathan Merritt responded to the articles about that cheering Christian university with this: “The English language is insufficient to explain how much damage this does to the cause of Christ.” 


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