A Few Good Books

I am on my last semester of seminary and taking my lightest load of credits. Hence, reading like mad has opened up again.

Here are five on my already started or about to start list.

1.) Encountering the Book of Hebrews

One of the reads for my class on Hebrews. I am a ways in and loving the opportunity to dig deeper into one of my favourite books of the Bible on my last semester. Check out one of Trinity’s extension sites to grab some classes.

2.) In Defence of Food

My brother and sister in law’s love of Michael Pollan has rubbed off on me mostly because it makes more sense than anything else and I hate weird diets. His rules on food are only 1 in eight words. Eat real food, mostly plants, not too much. 

I started this AGES (read years) ago but am finally getting around to it. It’s really good. Also good is his Omnivore’s Dilemma.

3.) Margin 

I am back in a country that gives 2 weeks of holiday to people. It’s a shock to the system. The UK gave me 28 days. I have worked for the same organization for a long time and actually LOST holiday to move back to the US. One friend started a job last year and got zero days of holiday in his first year. THAT IS MENTAL.

Hence, why a book like this is needed everywhere, but definitely if you are living in the workaholic madhouse called America.

4.) Making Sense of God 

My life is talking to skeptical friends about Jesus. God does not make sense at all sometimes. I am a Christian and I have been baffled with many difficult faith questions myself. I am sympathetic of those who are honest about belief feeling too far from their grasp.  I love Tim Kellers’ writing. The book is good. If anyone wants to grab a copy and do a discussion, let me know.

5.) True Friendship 

I have always appreciated Vaughn Roberts’ mad skills teaching the Bible. I have really been moved by his honesty with same-sex attraction coupled with his commitment to Biblical faithfulness. I heard him speak about the role of friendship in the church and so grabbed this book to give him a chance to speak a bit more.


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