The Slippery Slope to Losing Our Free Press

“A free press was born when America was born. It was not handed down or inherited. The concept of press freedom was deliberately constructed by the framers of our Constitution to instill the spirit of independence as an absolute, crucial ingredient in the creation, existence, and survival of a free society.” – Jerry Friedheim Executive V.P of American Newspaper Publishers Association Foundation, 1986 Amendment 1: “Congress shall make no law….abridging the freedom of speech; or of the press…”  Do you know how important it is we have a free press? Nations rise and fall on this. A free press means … Continue reading The Slippery Slope to Losing Our Free Press

Becoming British

Becoming British is not for the faint of heart. It requires a subtlety with words, humour, and nuance that I was not born possessing.   “Subtle as a brick” my friend and co-worker Ross would say of my direct and to-the-point nature.   After a few years in the UK, I came to believe that God sent me to England to torment British people.   I am direct, passionate, usually speak my mind (always), and cry at the drop of a hat. I possess all the traits that could make anyone on the island profoundly uncomfortable. There is no such … Continue reading Becoming British

Fact and Fear and Refugees

“As a Christian, I do not believe Jesus died for us so that we could live comfortable lives behind walls, indifferent to the suffering of others. In fact, he explicitly modeled through his life radical compassion for the poor, the vulnerable, the stranger, and even for his enemies.” – Tim Breene, World Relief   There is what is explicit in the Bible. There is also the outright lies on refugees from those with platforms. Both truth and obedience to God are lacking in the refugee conversation. Check some good words here from my friends at World Relief.     Continue reading Fact and Fear and Refugees

Singleness and Waiting

Filing your taxes isn’t the usual time to be moaning about a relationship status but here I am, early February and filling out Turbo Tax and suddenly that pang hits. I blame the silly first page of questions. Have you changed jobs? Have you moved? Have you changed relationship status?   There it is. Nope. Still single. (That’s not my turbo tax page just FYI). Pangs about singleness happen predictably and unpredictably. The turn of a new year, a new birthday, and oddly, tax time are predictably sad moments. I get them unpredictably throughout the year as well but milestone … Continue reading Singleness and Waiting

A Few Good Books

I am on my last semester of seminary and taking my lightest load of credits. Hence, reading like mad has opened up again. Here are five on my already started or about to start list. 1.) Encountering the Book of Hebrews One of the reads for my class on Hebrews. I am a ways in and loving the opportunity to dig deeper into one of my favourite books of the Bible on my last semester. Check out one of Trinity’s extension sites to grab some classes. 2.) In Defence of Food My brother and sister in law’s love of Michael … Continue reading A Few Good Books

The #1 Myth About Refugees

  A year and a half ago I came back to my home state to mobilize American Christians to welcome and help with resettling those coming to our city with the resettlement program. When I began, I had to learn a ton about who refugees are and what is refugee resettlement. Do you know that many former refugees hate the term “refugee?” It can be very demeaning in some parts of the world where they came from. I often refer to them as my “international friends” out of respect. It has been the most incredible joy. I have made a … Continue reading The #1 Myth About Refugees