I Don’t Want America to Be Great Again.

I don’t want to make America great again.

I do not want to make American great again if the vision of greatness is for only the few and at the expense of the many.

I don’t want to make America great again if it’s for the many at the expense of the few.

I do not want to make America great again if it means the rewards are for white Americans and not for brown Americans.

I don’t want to make America great again if we seek our riches, and wealth, and oil at the expense of breaking land treaties again with our fellow (Native) Americans.

I don’t want to make America great again if it means minimizing our past that includes slavery, the Trail of Tears, Jim Crow, segregation, Japanese internment camps, and calling immigrants trash, dangerous or criminals.

I do not want to make America great again if our foreign policy oppresses the freedom of other nations to elect their own leaders.

I do not want to make America great again if it means trade deals that hurt the poor in our nation and abroad so that we can become even richer.

I do not want to make America great again if we repeat our history of racism towards each new immigrant group and refugee people that arrives on our shores.

I do not want to make America great again if it means to put America first.

I do not want to make America great again if greatness is tied to a meaningless campaign slogan that is used to manipulate and mobilize racist sentiment.

I do not want to make America great again because America is great already.

America is also deeply flawed and sinful.

I do not want the vision of America that is being promoted in the slogan “great again.” It ignores and minimizes our sinful past. We are not a country that was only good in the past. We have done much that is wicked in the past.

A slogan that longs for a time in our history that brings pain to black Americans and Native Americans and repeats the racist anti-immigrant sentiments we have held towards different immigrant groups since our foundation is not a good slogan.

America is a great country when we live up to our constitutional ideals of “all men are created equal” even when we have had a history that did not give equal voting rights to men and women, black and white for many years after that phrase was coined.

America is great when we are striving to be good.

America is great by living a personal and corporate life of repentance for our past sins. We show we are repentant when we don’t minimize and ignore the voices of our minority countrymen who still hurt under those sins because they are not only in the past but are in the present. We are repentant when we turn to God seeking forgiveness and then forgiveness from one another. We are great when we don’t encourage the voices of the KKK but call the sin of racism what it is: wickedness.

A good America has Christian citizens who do not agree with all of the immorality of the land but are faithful to walk with Jesus, share the good news of the gospel, and not call evil good so that we get votes for a candidate who demeans women, immigrants, and minorities.

Seeking a good America might have the consequence of persecution or lawsuits for those who want to be faithful to the Bible, but it does not call wicked racism good or sexual abuse victims liars so that we have a higher status in this country.

A good America does not put America first because Jesus said it is greater for the first to be last and the last to be first. We are a good nation when our policies and worldview seeks to do good throughout the globe and make prudent decisions that benefit the rest of humanity as well as America. A good nation cares about the environment because humanity is made in God’s image and wreaking havoc on the environment hurts the food and water sources of poor people globally while our big businesses get richer.

We are a good nation, a great nation, when our greatness is tied to the good of all people.

America is great by striving to be good.

Tomorrow I hope you vote if you have not already. It is a difficult year to vote but I hope you will not vote for a vision of greatness that has been cast by enforcing prejudice, anger and hatred.

Vote for America to be good.


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