That book called Judges..

Covering the whole book of Judges in 2 days you learn:

1. We are bad.
2. No, seriously, we are REALLY bad.
3. The worst most horrible scenes in the Bible are in the book of Judges.
4. The line: “Everyone did what was right in their own eyes.” is eerily profound.
5. Judges is one of those books that often gets the most criticism from people “God did that!?” God condoned that?!!?” Nope. If you read it systematically you see the point of the book: this is what they were like without God as king.
6. Then if you are really honest you think, this is what WE are like without God as king.
7. You are not the first one to be mastered by sexual sin. Samson, was owned by his appetites for beautiful women and God both allowed judgment to come on him for his foolishness as well as great grace.
8. Men, don’t fall for a woman who is a whiny manipulator.
9. One of the few good judges and leaders of Israel was a woman. Go Deborah!
10. God still uses broken, sinful, people and gives them incredible grace.

#seminaryreflections #Judges


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