If you would like to do something. #wewelcomerefugees

I read some articles that Governor Kasich would like to keep Syrian refugees out of the state of Ohio here and here and here.

I disagree with that stance and wanted to let Gov. Kasich know his view, as my representative, this doesn’t represent me. I would encourage you to send a letter to Gov. Kasich. I have addressed him as a Christian so feel free to edit my perspective and send your own version for those who want to implore on humanity or other lines. This is something we all can unite on.

This is what I sent:

Dear Governor Kasich,
I would ask you to reconsider opening the state of Ohio to Syrian refugees. You claim to be a person of Christian faith. One of the primary tenants a practicing Christian is that you believe in the authority of Scripture. I don’t know how you can read Matthew 25:34-45 and not desire for the people of Ohio to have an opportunity to love and serve the people who have been fighting to survive. Beyond your Christian faith, it is a part of what makes America great, the fact that we open our borders to the hurting and needy and give out of our abundance. There are many faithful churches in this great state and as a person of faith I shouldn’t have to move states to see a stranger and welcome him. I ask you to explore your conscience and reconsider your position. I implore you to trust the immigration authorities to continue to process these refugees before they get to our state and allow those who have been allowed in our country to settle in one of the best states in the country. Refugees go through the most thorough vetting process of anyone allowed to cross the US border. I implore you to check your facts and welcome the stranger.

If you would like to write Governor John Kasich here’s the contact:


Governor John Kasich
Riffe Center, 30th Floor
77 South High Street
Columbus, OH 43215-6117
Phone: (614) 466-3555

For those wanting to know about the vetting process for refugees, you can read this here. 


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