If you would like to do something. #wewelcomerefugees

I read some articles that Governor Kasich would like to keep Syrian refugees out of the state of Ohio here and here and here. I disagree with that stance and wanted to let Gov. Kasich know his view, as my representative, this doesn’t represent me. I would encourage you to send a letter to Gov. Kasich. I have addressed him as a Christian so feel free to edit my perspective and send your own version for those who want to implore on humanity or other lines. This is something we all can unite on. This is what I sent: Dear Governor Kasich, I would … Continue reading If you would like to do something. #wewelcomerefugees

Is this your refugee question?

Are you wondering how refugees coming to the U.S. are vetted for security concerns? Firstly, there is an enormous difference betweenthe situation of asylum-seekers who we are seeing arrive on European borders, and the relatively much smaller number of refugees who are admitted into the United States. While countries that are proximate to a refugee crisis may have significant numbers of asylum seekers arrive at their borders before any vetting can be done, those admitted through the U.S. RefugeeResettlement program go through a very thorough screening process prior to being admitted to the United States. This process involves the U.S. … Continue reading Is this your refugee question?