A(n) haiku for you

I went to the Detroit Shoreline last night for the first time. It was a part of Cleveland that was cool, chic and screamed hipster. What else would you do in a hipster neighbourhood but wander in and out of shops and coffee houses and theatres that were hosting an all neighbourhood arts event? Modern dance performances erupting in the middle of a busy coffee shop, bearded ladies singing (one was mustached) chamber style music while playing instruments like the cello, and a big empty white space where you could write a(n)?? haiku to be hung up on a clothes … Continue reading A(n) haiku for you

Tales of Re-entry

Everything had changed very quickly. Many years ago, I told my parents after a gap year and a half that I was staying in the UK and might live overseas forever so “grieve now.” Eh, what can I say? I play hard. I found myself this summer, in a check out queue at a local grocery store in my home town in Ohio buying $80 worth of food, all the basics, because I was moving back for awhile. Moving back. To the US. To Ohio. The idea was crazy to me. I was still trying to process how many things … Continue reading Tales of Re-entry