Yet I Still Dare to Hope

When I met them it was under the most dire circumstances. I had crawled out of two years that contained some of the most horrifying, painful and heart breaking moments of my life. They sat with me in my pain in the kindest and most gracious way I could imagine. Their home became a safe place for me. It became a place where life slowly was breathed back into my weary heart. They know how to sit with those in pain. They do that for people. They are wise and can handle tears. They know when to be silent and … Continue reading Yet I Still Dare to Hope

Please Don’t Let me Die in Florida

I have a confession. I like cold weather. I grew up under the near constant cloud cover of Northeast Ohio skies. My dad taught me how to control a car in vast amounts of snow. Every year. Well after I learnt to drive, I was still getting snow driving lessons from him. He still reminds me about putting heavy things in the boot of my car, keeping candles, matches on board and a flashlight “just in case” in the winter. Then I moved to England. And stayed for a long long time. Other people would get S.A.D. but not me. … Continue reading Please Don’t Let me Die in Florida