Story Matters

I used to think I had it all together. Of course I would have never admitted that. That would not be a humble answer. I also don’t even think I really was that self aware of this fact. I think I functioned that way though, or tried to. In my dishonesty with myself, I thought that I was in control of more of my life, immune to many sins, and not fully owning certain character flaws. I love an artist called Patty Griffin and she has a song entitled Don’t Let Me Die in Florida. I hate Florida. I resonated … Continue reading Story Matters

I didn’t want to stop writing..

I wasn’t planning to stop writing. It just happened. I had no idea how prophetic to my very near future this post would be. When I wrote it, I was not planning to stop writing for over a year. I wasn’t planning on stopping everything creative. Art, music, dance, writing were all getting difficult when I penned those words fourteen months ago. Life had been amassing a strange amount of suffering that seemed to mount and get worse as each month passed, in every area of my life. It was strange to experience the havoc it rained on my creative … Continue reading I didn’t want to stop writing..