What Kind of a Prayer Ends with "Darkness" ? Me, Heman and our dark days…

I posted this on Facebook this week and have found it so challenging and pertinent that I thought I would post it on here so that more people could listen. 

It is a sermon by Tim Keller from Psalm 88. For those who are less Bible literate, there is often a pattern in the Psalms (these poems and songs written a few thousand years ago, smack in the centre of the Bible) of praise, crying, moping, and often ending on a praise note as the writer remembers the goodness of God’s character. 

“I will trust in the Lord..” 
“The nearness of God is my good, I will make the sovereign Lord my refuge..” 

Not so much for this one. It’s morbid all the way through and doesn’t end on a happy note. 

I like that it doesn’t end on a happy note. 

I don’t end on a happy note. 

I have had sobbing sessions where I thought everything is purposeless, the Lord doesn’t answer prayer and I am pretty sure he has abandoned me. 

My brother sent me this and I listened to it. Then I listened to it again a couple hours later. Not to say I don’t have a life but I listened to it a third time in two days last night in between X-Men III with the housemates and sleep. I might listen to it again later this week… 

It hasn’t cleaned me up, gotten rid of my questions or made everything better. 

Yet somehow it still hits my soul in a way that I know I need to hear again. 

Heman’s Cry of Darkness

The glass is half empty, glass is half empty, glass is half empty… 

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