Essays, Airports and Waiting

Hello from the Denver airport.

I can’t say I love that I’m writing you from the Denver airport.

I should have been on a plane a long time ago.

Some of you know I have been taking some sprint seminary masters level classes this month in Colorado. They have been brilliant. The craziness of my day has reminded me of all of the things I am learning, of gratitude, of Gods sovereignty when I just don’t “get” it and that sometimes life is like an airport when you are delayed 4 hours and will miss your connecting flight.. Sometimes all you can do is wait. Wait and pray.

I was graciously given a free flight by a kind and generous soul to go to LA this weekend so I could attend my cousins wedding. I was this far across the planet and they didn’t want me to miss because of cost. Reminding myself of lavish grace and the good gifts of friends and God in my life.

I worked my tail off all week to stay on my reading and assignments so I could relax with the family this weekend. All should have been finished and turned in before I flew, with the plan that Id finish writing in the airport. That was the plan until I discovered a serious problem with my computer that will leave it unusable this weekend until I get it to a shop on Monday. I texted a cousin to use theirs  tonight and then my flight was delayed this long.

I won’t be able to finish the assignments tonight realistically. I will also have to start one of them from scratch because its on my not working computer. And I have exams next week and all my notes are on my computer.

Assignments due Monday. No computer. Lost assignment. Delayed flight. Sometimes my life feels like one long delayed flight.

But then I remember. God knows. He is not surprised by this series of events. He loves me. He gets my stress. He is sovereign.

I have been given a free undeserved flight to LA. I’m getting to study Gods word for a month. I’m getting more vitamin D this month than in the previous year in rainy Ireland and England. Despite things not going my way, I have much to be grateful for.Tomorrow I will see family I haven’t seen in years.

The airport is frustrating. The lost work and 8 pages of typing will be hard work. But I can pray and ask God for grace, perspective, mercy on my hard drive, focus despite the upsets.. And then wait and trust him.

A lot of life is like that don’t ya think?

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