Trust, Rest, and Street Pianos

This month I find myself near the mountains in one of my favourite states.

Side note: Why do British people all go to Florida, NY or LA? You are totaaaalllyyy missing out.    Ditch Florida and their sticky humidity and sitting in traffic in dirty-and-plastic-LA and go to Colorado. 🙂

Tonight I wandered down into “Old town” which has an old western feel. It has upright pianos everywhere outdoors for the world to play: painted bright splashy graffiti patterns to catch your eye on every corner. Street musicians played everywhere: on those uprights, guitar on the street, guitar on a stage, violin; not even far enough away from the previous musician to completely lose their neighbours’ notes. Hippies and cowboys and goth kids and a break dancers circle: there were such a colourful mix of people, cultures, races, styles of dress, and attitude, I could have spent hours people watching. A couple friends and random new people ended up at a drive-in to watch a film with heat lightening shooting across the sky in the background. Miles away are forest fires that have burned all week.

I got to Colorado exhausted. In more ways than one. The last 18 months have been some of the most difficult. They have been some of the clearest interventions of God in my life, some of the deepest sorrows and unanswered questions and some of the happiest joys and moments of finally feeling like I have come home. But now I am here. I am waiting. I am waiting for the Lord to answer a lot of prayers. I am coming down from being tired for a long time. The last 6 months I have been slowing slowing slowing down and learning to rest and am still not there yet but getting there. So this month I have, with my life parked back in England, on hold for a bit while I play in the mountains and learn from God’s Word… I will use as a chance to sabbath.. a pause.. a stop.. a chance to rest and wait.. two things I am not good at.. and see what God has in store afterwards..

Colorado aims:

– Spend time with God
– Enjoy God
– Pause, rest, stop, my worth doesn’t come from doing… I want to just “be” for a bit..
– Maybe play one of those honky tonk pianos in town with the pretty paint jobs..
– Get to the mountains and be still

“Jesus says, “Follow me. I’m going to take you on a journey, and I don’t want you to turn to the left or to the right. I want you to put me first; I want you to keep trusting me; to stick with me, not turn back, not give up, turn to me in all the disappointments and injustices that will happen to you. I’m going to take you places that will make say, “Why in the world are you taking me there? Even then, I want you to trust me.” – excerpt from Kings Cross

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