Home Sweet Home

I will miss my lovely city while I am away for a bit. 
Home has become wherever I lay my head in some ways. 
I am a cross cultural worker who never knows where the last stop on the journey will be. 
Does anyone? 
But my city in the North of England has been home for many years now.. and even when I am away to great places, I always miss it. 
My friend blogs here and her and her husband lived in 11 places in their first 8 years of marriage. Madness. Here I think it’s bad because I’m single and do the grass is always greener thinking when I’m married me and my husband will have a space and just stay there. Maybe things aren’t always that simple. 🙂 Anyways she has learnt to make space home wherever she is. I think I want to cultivate that gratitude and simple life wherever I am too. 
Totally unrelated… I won’t be making my home in the sky.. here are some lovely clouds from the journey you might like. 🙂 

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