The Traveler

It’s 5:30am.

I somehow managed to do a task list of about 30 things yesterday, and pack for a month long trip.

I didn’t really start packing unless you count the pile of dresses on my floor outside an open suitcase at 9am until about 6pm…

If I have any life skill it is “I can pack a suitcase.”

It all fits… meds, clothes, books I need, sandals, dress for a wedding, mini hair dryers, enough underwear to cover the entire trip.. okay not quite.. but I contemplated it… 

 I think one of the keys to easing the trip is what you wear. Comfortable and cute is what I go for.. or in my case right now.. hobo. (I got cold so everything got layered on top of the initial outfit… leggings, sweats, dress, long sleeved tee, body warmer.. lol.)

I swear there is a competition for making airport chairs awful. Looks like I won’t be catching up on sleep here.

Colorado here I come. I get the privilege in my job of taking periods of time to study the bible. This year I will be joining a few hundred others in some sprint seminary courses (bible college classes) at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. I don’t know what is in store for the next month exactly but in my time away, I am praying to be able to just meet with God and spend a lot of time with him. And see what he does.

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