Meditation, Mountains, and Mountain Lions

One of my assignments for my doctrine class is to meditate on a few different passages 4 times a week for the next 2 weeks of class. Christian meditation is distinctly different from other kinds of mediation in that it is not emptying the mind but filling it. Specifically as I learnt last week, meditation in ancient Israel was repeating scripture slowly, methodically so that you could fill your mind with grand thoughts of God, turning over truths about him in your mind, aloud, chewing on them, digesting slowly. So I started the meditation exercise today with Psalm 19. It … Continue reading Meditation, Mountains, and Mountain Lions

Essays, Airports and Waiting

Hello from the Denver airport. I can’t say I love that I’m writing you from the Denver airport. I should have been on a plane a long time ago. Some of you know I have been taking some sprint seminary masters level classes this month in Colorado. They have been brilliant. The craziness of my day has reminded me of all of the things I am learning, of gratitude, of Gods sovereignty when I just don’t “get” it and that sometimes life is like an airport when you are delayed 4 hours and will miss your connecting flight.. Sometimes all … Continue reading Essays, Airports and Waiting

Trust, Rest, and Street Pianos

This month I find myself near the mountains in one of my favourite states. Side note: Why do British people all go to Florida, NY or LA? You are totaaaalllyyy missing out.    Ditch Florida and their sticky humidity and sitting in traffic in dirty-and-plastic-LA and go to Colorado. 🙂 Tonight I wandered down into “Old town” which has an old western feel. It has upright pianos everywhere outdoors for the world to play: painted bright splashy graffiti patterns to catch your eye on every corner. Street musicians played everywhere: on those uprights, guitar on the street, guitar on a … Continue reading Trust, Rest, and Street Pianos

Home Sweet Home

I will miss my lovely city while I am away for a bit.  Home has become wherever I lay my head in some ways.  I am a cross cultural worker who never knows where the last stop on the journey will be.  Does anyone?  But my city in the North of England has been home for many years now.. and even when I am away to great places, I always miss it.  My friend blogs here and her and her husband lived in 11 places in their first 8 years of marriage. Madness. Here I think it’s bad because I’m … Continue reading Home Sweet Home

The Traveler

It’s 5:30am. I somehow managed to do a task list of about 30 things yesterday, and pack for a month long trip. I didn’t really start packing unless you count the pile of dresses on my floor outside an open suitcase at 9am until about 6pm… If I have any life skill it is “I can pack a suitcase.” It all fits… meds, clothes, books I need, sandals, dress for a wedding, mini hair dryers, enough underwear to cover the entire trip.. okay not quite.. but I contemplated it…   I think one of the keys to easing the trip is … Continue reading The Traveler

Words to Meditate on …

A friend of mine passed me this short devotional today.  It is good.  My Soul Waits for the Lord A Song of mAscents. 130 Out of cthe depths I cry to you, O Lord! 2 O Lord, hear my voice! dLet your ears be attentive to ethe voice of my pleas for mercy! 3 If you, O Lord, should fmark iniquities, O Lord, who could gstand? 4 But with you there is hforgiveness, ithat you may be feared. 5 I jwait for the Lord, kmy soul waits, and lin his word I hope; 6 my soul mwaits for the Lord more than nwatchmen for othe morning, more than watchmen for the morning. 7 O Israel, phope in the Lord! For qwith the Lord there is steadfast love, … Continue reading Words to Meditate on …