Safe People

Who knows you? The real you? The messy you? The broken you.

This week I have been reflecting on the safest people in the world. The safest people in the world I have decided are not ones who are always kicks and giggles with. They aren’t necessarily the life of the party. Some are. They come in a million different personality types and traits and dispositions.

The safest people in the world are those who know the real you and love you anyways. They are not afraid to make you not like them by saying something you don’t want to hear for your good. But even when they say difficult things they are kind because they are “for” you. They don’t enable you.. but they make you feel safe, loved, known, cared for.

I once heard a quote that says something like “I am afraid you’ll reject me and me is all I have..” or something to that affect. Actually that’s not it at all other than the “me is all I have” bit… But it strikes desire in me… deep desire to be known and to know. It highlights the fear we all have.. that if the real me was known, I would be rejected and that would bring shame and I couldn’t bear it.

But what if someone knew everything. Everything to your soul insides and out. And they stayed with you. They loved you. Were for you. Prayed for you. Laughed with you. Cried with you. How would that make you feel?

Intimacy is really what it is. 

I have found safe people. I think of a couple off of the top of my head whom I can bear my soul with and who know my worst and my fears and love me anyways. I am grateful I have people who let me love them in that state as well. I look around the people I work with and actually as an organization…. it is oddly more full of safe people than nearly any place I have known on earth (aside from church). People know one another and not just the good things.. they know one another worst and love one another anyways. It is like an oasis in a desert you didn’t realize you were thirsting in.

Are you a safe person?
Do you have safe people in your life?
Do you hide or let people in?
What are your barriers to emotional intimacy and letting people know the real you?

One thought on “Safe People

  1. Beautiful stuff as always Christy. 🙂 Am so thankful for the safe people in my life, including you! Love you gorgeous girl xxx


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