A writing week… for music and musings

I am so tickled.

This week I am taking holiday time.

I’m not going anywhere.

I am not going abroad, or even to another city.

I don’t have grand plans.

I am just going to be still and rest.

I suck at resting. It is definitely not my strong point in life.

So this week I will take 5 days off and just hibernate. Hide from the world. And take a holiday with me, maybe by the sea, but it will be a time to rest for the weary. A time for the soul to be still.

(I live by the sea). (It won’t be warm.)

I am planning on hiding from people a bit. I am going to write. Songs, blogs, music, poetry. Maybe bust out my paints. Read the Bible a lot. Maybe get back into Count of Monte Cristo. No where to run. No where to be. Ditch appointments and urgency. I am just going to chill out. I am so bad at it. I am looking forward to it so much.

Just found this song and band on Aurgasm.Us — great music blog for finding new music!

“if you’re still bleeding you’re the lucky one because most of our insides are dead”

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