How can we change?

I am interested in how people can REALLY change. How. I don’t want fake religiousity. You don’t either. You want real freedom. I had a discussion with some leaders from another religion recently who were trying their hardest to convince me what they believed was logical and therefore I should convert. (It wasn’t going to work. I knew way more about their faith then they realized.)  The conversation however yielded little hope in their presentations about following their religion. I walked away thinking.. you can offer me nothing but a list of to -do’s and no assurance that they will ever please God … Continue reading How can we change?

People to Make You Melt

I have a lot of writing to catch up on! 🙂 I have started many posts and not made the time to finish them. I promise very soon you will get a whole host of them littering your inboxes if you are subscribed to AwakeningSardis (Do it! Tab on the right side of this blog, enter your email and you’ll never miss a ramble!) or if you just like stalking my blog on your own time. 🙂 For now I will introduce you to my nephews in what they said to me last night. Completely. Adorable. 🙂  My nephews saying hellos … Continue reading People to Make You Melt