Real Love, Valentines and all that ….

I don’t have a Valentine but like this song as a reminder of .. hope. Real love isn’t a feeling or a fairy tale. 

“When you find real love, you don’t have to hide anymore. All your scars turn into beauty marks when it’s the one you’ve been waiting for. When you find real love, you know it isn’t blind at all. It sees more than anyone else and still finds you beautiful.” – Mike Seminari

I have a longer post or two in my head about Valentines day. (I mean holidays are an excuse to blog right?) but I have been in the Netherlands since Monday night on a last minute work trip for a conference with other European leaders (I am so European right? lol) booked my ticket back a day early so I could spend MY Valentines day hearing the story of a gal named Teresa who used to be a porn star and then Jesus interrupted her life and everything changed. Only to get up at the crack of dawn train it across the country to Amsterdam and have a delayed flight back to Newcastle (“snow” was the excuse… there was a dusting) by far too long to miss most of the whole thing. Whoops. I heard great stories from the students and staff though and got to meet Teresa briefly. Such a cool woman who is so honest and real. Stories of God’s grace just tickle me. So .. writings to come your way tomorrow. I think I owe you a post or two from last weeks to-be-continued… 

Oh and if you want to HEAR the song I quoted above… I have it on my mac but I discovered my talented songwriter friend Mike has it posted on this website.. love google. Scroll down to hear his version of the title, 4th one down.. 

Real Love by Mike Seminari 

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