That moment when you think again.. my dad is just great.

I salsa dance and after a couple hours of high paced spinning and the clamor of the clave, it takes me a bit to unwind after I get home. I called my dad last night to help the process along before bed.

It’s the one nice thing about having parents in a time zone five hours behind. It’s not a bad time to call them in the middle of your night!

My mom had decided she missed her siblings and had gotten a rather last minute flight two days earlier for a week down south to visit them all so I knew my dad would be on his own.

The phone call was just so precious to me.

I am not quite sure why. Well I have a few ideas. But never mind. What was my dad doing at 8pm on a Friday night by himself? There was a fire in the wood burning stove, he had made himself dinner, had taken the dogs out and was settling down to read the book of Ezekiel in the Bible (a rather long Old Testament prophetic book) because he had “heard a great sermon by John MacArthur on it recently.”

I just needed to hear that I think. It made me smile. I went back to my restless sleep. But there was something good in the world to smile about last night. 🙂

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