Jo and Christy vs the Smoke Alarm

Last night I got in from a ball about 1:30/2am to hear…


I paused. About 45 seconds later….


Apparently one of our smoke alarms was on the way out and it had decided to let us know. I started getting ready for bed hoping I could ignore it. Beep. No definitely not. I went out to the hall to find my housemate with a broom poised at it trying to make it stop. She had been woken out of a sound sleep for the beeping.

Thankfully there was a ladder on the same landing as the waning alarm. We pulled it out and I climbed up to try and pull it off, Jo warning me that it was connected to house mains. Dang it. Could not get it down unless I broke it. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t THAT worried about breaking it at this point.

Jo goes to get a kitchen knife, we switch places, her climbing and me holding the ladder. All the while..

Beep. Beep.

Oi! This is so annoying and not what you want to hear in the middle of the night when you are tired.

Jo does some work and at one point I look up, she gets off the ladder and there is a butter knife sticking out the side of the alarm. Beep. Dang it.. It wasn’t working. Jo we can’ leave a butter knife sticking out of the alarm even if it does fix it! lol Heyyyy Rednecks. 🙂

Finally Jo manages to wedge the knife in enough to pry the alarm in half. She hands it down to me and holding the bottom half in my hand triumphantly, I think we’ve won. Nope. Beep. I see a battery in it. Final stage, rip the battery off it’s attachments. Confident that there is no way it can beep any more. It doesn’t have a battery. How could it make noise!? Jo is not so sure. I put it on my second bed and start to get ready for sleep.



“I’m going to throw it in the snow!!!!” I threaten, carrying it down the stairs with me swiftly.

As I open the front door, Jo stops me and convinces me to put the alarm-that-never-dies in a trunk in the living room, wrapped in some items, and with cushions and blankets on the trunk.

That was how we won.

The end.

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