Christy’s Life Lessons from the Lance Armstrong Failure

Watching the Lance Armstrong fall has been very saddening in the sports world but also a reality check and heart check to those of us honest with ourselves who can say.. “what can I learn from this.” I have 4 things of my own and then an article from Ed Stetzer.

1.) It has moved me to want to live more transparently “in the light.” What secrets do I hold that if they grow they will take me down? Seeds sewn in character that will have a life time of consequences. It always starts small. I want those desires or actions that are wrong to be exposed and brought to light amongst people who can say the hard things to me and love me and help me grow and see the ugly inside.

2.) I am not looking to surround myself with people who will only say the nice things. I want people in my life willing to say the hard things.

3.) I do not want to be an enabler to others. ie. I will not help others hide secret sin that will take them down in the end. This might mean I will confront them because I love them rather than be silent and watch their demise. I want to love people more than I want them to like me.

4.) So the monsters don’t grow.. secrets always get worse.. I want to live a life of repentance as Martin Luther says “for the Christian all of life is repentance.” Repent means to turn around and go the other direction, it indicates life change and not just an apology. This is a desire for the Lord to do in my life more, that I would have a soft heart towards God and a hatred of sin.

Four things to Learn from the Lance Armstrong Debacle

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