Do You Want Growth or Comfort?

If you have spent any time with me this month, you know I have been reading Henry Cloud’s book Integrity: The Courage to Meet the Demands of Reality. I think it is my book of the year so far. Okay it is only the first month and I have a lot of reading to go. But I am in 7 or 8 other books and this was just brilliant! I keep rambling and raving about it. Sorry if you are sick of it. If you want it, I’ll buy you a copy. It’s epic. Okay maybe not all of you. I don’t … Continue reading Do You Want Growth or Comfort?

One Life.. What’s It All About?

This week til February 5th at Jesmond Parish Church next to the Jesmond Metro there are taster sessions for Christianity Explored.. 7:30-9:30 pm every night with a free meal from the Chinese church in town. (Come very hungry.. they make so much yummy food). I will be hosting one of the Christianity Explored groups in my house in a few weeks time. If you are in the northeast it would be great to have you pop in for a taster. Come and explore the person who is Jesus. 7 weeks to look at Mark’s gospel.. one of the life accounts … Continue reading One Life.. What’s It All About?

Jo and Christy vs the Smoke Alarm

Last night I got in from a ball about 1:30/2am to hear… Beep. I paused. About 45 seconds later…. Beep.  Apparently one of our smoke alarms was on the way out and it had decided to let us know. I started getting ready for bed hoping I could ignore it. Beep. No definitely not. I went out to the hall to find my housemate with a broom poised at it trying to make it stop. She had been woken out of a sound sleep for the beeping. Thankfully there was a ladder on the same landing as the waning alarm. … Continue reading Jo and Christy vs the Smoke Alarm

Christy’s Life Lessons from the Lance Armstrong Failure

Watching the Lance Armstrong fall has been very saddening in the sports world but also a reality check and heart check to those of us honest with ourselves who can say.. “what can I learn from this.” I have 4 things of my own and then an article from Ed Stetzer. 1.) It has moved me to want to live more transparently “in the light.” What secrets do I hold that if they grow they will take me down? Seeds sewn in character that will have a life time of consequences. It always starts small. I want those desires or … Continue reading Christy’s Life Lessons from the Lance Armstrong Failure

How to Drive in the Snow – instructions from an Ohio girl

I’m from Ohio. Which looks like THIS in the winter:  Actually this was December, and the snow was just getting started. It gets worse. January and February are our bad months. #HudsonOhio  It isn’t THIS bad where I am from. This is an hour north of me- Chardon Ohio. Chardon does consistently get this much snow. We all know what the term “lake affect” means. I hope the guy who posted this photo online doesn’t get all photo rights angry on me. 😉  I live in Britain. Which is kinda like living in Texas when it comes to snow. Except without the … Continue reading How to Drive in the Snow – instructions from an Ohio girl

Love is….

“You don’t define love by a set of abstract concepts. Love is defined by an event, and that event is the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ. God calls us to cruciform love, that is, love that shapes itself to the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ. What is that love? I will give you a definition: love is willing self-sacrifice for the redemptive good of another that doesn’t demand reciprocation or that the person being loved is deserving. That is the love that took Christ to the cross of his death for our redemption.” – The Power of Words … Continue reading Love is….

Access to God’s Love.. I love this. :)

‎”We need to remember that our access to God is not based on last week’s performance, today’s practices, or tomorrow’s potential. Rather, we’re accepted “in the Beloved”(Eph. 1:6) and need have no fear of rejection as we come before God’s throne. God poured out on his Son the cup of wrath we deserved. And Jesus drank the last drop. No wrath or judgement remains for those who have trusted in the substitutionary sacrifice of Jesus on the cross….If we help people focus on what God did 2000 years ago rather than twenty minutes ago, they’ll consistently find their hearts ravished … Continue reading Access to God’s Love.. I love this. 🙂