What are you thinking about this Christmas season? A little free book..

We complain that Christmas has become to commercialized. We complain about the expectations, the family fights, the overspending, the gluttony, the needed diets after Christmas, the debt. But Christmas is about Christ. Is there anything about Jesus built into your pre-Christmas time? As we wage battles with ourselves in what we don’t want the holiday to be about and the pressure from the culture (or advertising around us) to make it something we know it shouldn’t be about, let me leave you with a gift.

Christmas/Advent ebook 

Advent is the time leading up to Christmas in the church calendar. I got this little ebook for free from wwwdesiringgod.org It is short and simple with a small reading each day before Christmas. You can read one in about a minute. I realized as I got to day 5 that it is not incredibly user friendly to my friends out there without much bible knowledge, but it’s simple. You might walk away wondering who Zechariah is.. but ignore the people you don’t know.. (ask a friend who knows the story of Jesus the backstory to them maybe?) but for a verrrry short very simple food for thought a day to get your soul thinking and working it’s way towards the Christmas season.. it will be good for anyone. It’s much lighter on the calories than your advent calendar as well. 😛 Here are a couple snippets from what I have read the last two days that struck me.

Sunday December 2, 
Prepare the Way 

“First meditate on the fact that we need a Savior. Christmas is an indictment before it is a delight. It will not have it’s intended effect until we feel desperately the need for a Savior.”

Wednesday December 5th, 
For God’s Little People 
“Do not think, because you experience adversity, the hand of the Lord is shortened. It is not our prosperity but our holiness he seeks with all his heart.”

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