When Life Sucks..

I received a copy of this from a co worker of mine who wrote it as a resource a few years ago. It was bang on what I needed to be reminded of today.

For my Christian readers.. this will bring up a lot of questions in your own faith and work through those hard times when we ask: “Where is God???”

For those of my readers with less familiarity with the Bible or Christianity.. I am sure many of you are still encountering the questions of “Why?” in the world. We all ask it. This is a look at history and a guide through some unconventional ways God gives us that answer and how many questions he leaves unanswered..

To clarify our terms “discipleship” is the word Christians use to mean following and obeying God. Disciples are learners who tune their whole life to loving and knowing and being changed by God.

This works through the question of “What if your faith is in God and his goodness and life still sucks?”

I’d be curious to know all of your reactions on this.

Disappointment and Discipleship 

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