#14 Upside down leadership

Imagine a CEO of a major worldwide company coming to speak at a conference and when a subordinate arrived at the conference centre room they were sharing with him.. (yes, he did not demand his own room) he was fast asleep.. in the smallest bed in the room. He hadn’t taken the large kingsize bed that was available. Imagine that same CEO had gotten up early at another international event, to polish all of the East Asian co-workers shoes in the morning that were left customarily outside their rooms. It was his way of showing honour to them. It seems a … Continue reading #14 Upside down leadership


What owns you?  A few months ago I wrote a couple posts entitled #12 Forgiveness and #13 Redemption  from my 30-30 series: 30 life lessons I have learnt in the last 30 years. They are two of the most important posts I have written this year. They are also born out of the most pain in my own life and the lives of people around me that I see, watch, and do life with. Sometimes I want to look away from all of the pain in the world but I can’t. As a Christian, I cannot. Jesus compels me to see people and have compassion that is … Continue reading Owned

Forget…you? Or forget myself?

If you are like me, you have been told something about self esteem being the root of many problems in our lives. This cheeky little booklet looks at the whole idea of self in a completely backwards light.. and I think from the way it’s content has hit me.. more right side up than our upside down way of doing things. Here’s a couple quotes from it and then a link to click on it’s 24 pages..a very quick read.. very good. It’s framed with the Bible but worth it even if you are skeptical about the Bible. “The way the … Continue reading Forget…you? Or forget myself?

A night of painting

Many years ago I seriously considered being an art student and had the portfolio to apply. That was a silly idea for a major and a career I ended up deciding and so left the vast amounts of painting and drawing and sculpting I did in high school for a good university and another series of not entirely practical degrees. 🙂 (Hey I wasn’t going to go far from arts was I this-frou-frou-right-brained chick that I am?!) I decided art would be my hobby and I didn’t want to kill the joy of it by having to spend 80 hours … Continue reading A night of painting

The Meaning of Marriage

The best book I have read in the last 12 months has to be hands down The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller. I got it a year ago the day it was released and have passed it on to many and am about to reread it again. I actually love this pastor from New York City’s books across the board: they are all interesting to read and challenging to your brain and very accessible but this might be top of the list (and this is from the girl who read Prodigal God 4 times!). I enjoyed it so much … Continue reading The Meaning of Marriage

6 months ago

I had to leave my beloved city for a bit. When I found out I needed to take a leave for work for reasons I couldn’t wrap my head around, it seemed to be the end of the world. I love my city. I love my people in my city. I crave stability in life. I don’t like living out of a suitcase any more. I want to be settled and married and be in one place. Instead of that I had travel and upheaval and scary decisions to make. I had questions unanswered. To be fair I still have … Continue reading 6 months ago