The Idiots Guide to Tech

My best friend is here for the week which means that this diagram is very appropriate to post. She has been sorting out my computer woes since 2000. The first time was when my hard drive got fried in an electrical storm. The replacement arrived and I told Hannah not to touch it because I had a “computer guy” to come sort it out. Ie. some geeky computer guy friend across campus I had lassoed freshman year to sort out any computer questions I had. I left the room for five minutes and came back and my computer was in 500 pieces on the floor. I nearly had a heart attack. But Hannah sorted it all out and reinstalled it. Without instructions. Since then she has been my go to girl. Mind you. I am actually pretty decent with computers these days. Hannah is just better and when I get myself in a tangle.. she is the one who sorts me out. Even from 4500 miles away.. she has fixed things through remote desktop control and Skype being held over one computer so she can look at the other one and tell me what to do. 🙂 This week I have a list of techie related questions for her.. 🙂 

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