Silly Faces,Toddlers & Technology

My youngest nephew has a penchant for finding the one thing in any room he should not do/touch/go near and that is exactly what he will go for. Toilet water, beer, cables that could electrocute him, the most expensive piece of technology he could break, you get the drift. Last year my brothers laptop got into the clutches of his little 1 and a bit year old hands and he managed to break the sound on it so that it was irreparable.

This means since my trip home in the summer, I have not gotten to interact with my nephews really at all. They finally started saying quick hellos on the phone.. but the attention span of a 2 or 3 year old to a voice without a face never lasts long.

My brother and his wife got iphones this weekend so we decided to attempt skype or Facetime on the phones (Side note: iphones are free in England.. why aren’t they free in America?). Finally got it to work and it was just epic. Technology can ruin our relationships. Just think of each time you have been at a meal with a group of friends and someone or everyone has spent more time on their phone texting people not there. A bit off putting. But there are times like tonight it can definitely just make them soar.

My evening was spent with the boys jossling one another so they could see daddy’s phone and say hi to  Aunt Christy. I got to see their toy turtle and have a conversation with the youngest – i.e.. techno destroyer – he threw a tantrum when daddy wouldn’t let him hold the phone.. lol. He wasn’t even speaking really when I was home! The oldest one and I spent a lot of time making faces at one another on the phone. He started it. But I had to play back. It was just too much fun. And it made him laugh a lot.

I wish I could have posted all of Mikel’s faces on here. 🙂 His were better. hahaha 

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