The Meaning of Marriage

The best book I have read in the last 12 months has to be hands down The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller. I got it a year ago the day it was released and have passed it on to many and am about to reread it again. I actually love this pastor from New York City’s books across the board: they are all interesting to read and challenging to your brain and very accessible but this might be top of the list (and this is from the girl who read Prodigal God 4 times!).

I enjoyed it so much for these reasons: 

1.) It is for you. Yep. All of you. My entire diverse-readership-voyeur audience out there. I know how many hits a month I get. I know you are all pretty different. I know you are from many countries. I know people that read my blog traverse many different walks of life and ideologies towards relationships and marriage. It is shockingly difficult to read a book you would hand anyone. Christian, not a Christian. Married, single, divorced, living together. Relationship going great, relationship rocky, relationship failing. People married for 50 years, people skeptical about the institution of marriage. I have rarely met a book I would not blink at who I gave it to. It is a book for all of us and that is an amazing feat for any writer to accomplish.

2.) We are jaded. Really jaded. As a generation, I can’t think of something we are more jaded about than marriage and relationships. Yet, we hope for them. Maybe not marriage, for many of you in the really jaded skeptical category, but a relationship that lasts. Someone who can see your ugliest ugliness and not run away from you. Isn’t that what you want deep down? 

3.) It’s raw. Tim and Kathy Keller are honest and real and I like that quality in anyone. I hate pretense and niceties. I value honesty and reality. They are good at giving both.

4.) It gives me hope. One of my very soon to be blogs in the 30-30 series is about sex and marriage and relationships. It might be a couple blogs realistically. In a world full of broken people and failed marriages, I still am hoping and praying for a marriage, a good marriage, a healthy marriage. This is one of the most helpful and honest looks at the how’s and why’s and purpose and meaning behind marriage the it’s grounded in a bedrock of truth that gives me hope despite the broken world around me.

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