A night of painting

Many years ago I seriously considered being an art student and had the portfolio to apply. That was a silly idea for a major and a career I ended up deciding and so left the vast amounts of painting and drawing and sculpting I did in high school for a good university and another series of not entirely practical degrees. 🙂 (Hey I wasn’t going to go far from arts was I this-frou-frou-right-brained chick that I am?!)

I decided art would be my hobby and I didn’t want to kill the joy of it by having to spend 80 hours in a weekend working on projects to finish (Yes I can do the math.. that was on purpose 😉 ). Instead of keeping it as a hobby what ended up happening was I rarely if ever worked on art. Painting nearly disappeared. Everything else did except a small bit of drawing in random notebooks. A bit of a shame. Every couple of years I work on a painting and then take forever to finish it. Today was one of those days I decided after about a 10 month hiatus to crack into a painting I started ages ago.

Headphones in, my favourite album of the moment on (it has been the only thing in my car for the last 2 weeks and has accompanied at least half of my visits to the gym the last week) I’ll leave a sample of K.B.s Weight and Glory below. Epic epic album. I got it in July and it’s been constantly back in my regular playlist.

Me, poor lighting (that’s what I get for painting at 10 at night in my dining room) my easel and cracking open my acrylics. Just right. Now if only I can decide what I want the finished product to look like. It’s muddled at the moment. I have a few ideas and am headed in that direction but it has a long way to go and as I am particular, it will probably be awhile before I feel it is anywhere near finished.

My painting sometimes reminds me of life. It is messy. You can’t always see where you are going. I try something, it doesn’t work, I try again. The finished product is fuzzy in our heads. I don’t know what will happen in a month or 5 years might alone 20. I am heading in a direction but I have a long way to go. Most importantly, I am no where near finished.

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