The Idiots Guide to Tech

My best friend is here for the week which means that this diagram is very appropriate to post. She has been sorting out my computer woes since 2000. The first time was when my hard drive got fried in an electrical storm. The replacement arrived and I told Hannah not to touch it because I had a “computer guy” to come sort it out. Ie. some geeky computer guy friend across campus I had lassoed freshman year to sort out any computer questions I had. I left the room for five minutes and came back and my computer was in … Continue reading The Idiots Guide to Tech


Today is one of my favourite holidays of the American calendar. Thanksgiving. Where all across the country homes are filled with families and sometimes spare friends, eating Turkey and pumpkin pie, watching American football on tv, going for walks after the chemicals in the turkey make you want to enter a food coma of sorts, and lastly sharing things we are thankful for with one another. My first year in Newcastle I got the week wrong and cried the day before thinking I’d missed Thanksgiving. (Hey, in my defense, I had just moved back to the country after a year … Continue reading #Thankful

When Was the Last Time You Cried?

What made you cry? Come on. You can be honest. You are sitting, possibly alone with your computer, this is a blog asking the questions, you don’t have to tell anyone. Now, next question. Who could you turn to after you cried? Was there someone who you could talk to about whatever it was? I cry for many reasons. I have noticed tears are often triggers for an explanation of the deepest people relations, pains, joys, sorrows, anger and experiences in life that tug my heart. In a way, our tears can be a sign of our need of or expression … Continue reading When Was the Last Time You Cried?

How to Not Flatter a Woman (and get yourself rejected)

This was an actual conversation I had this weekend:  Guy: Hey I have seen you at my gym!! Do you go to ______? Me: Yes I do. Hi, what’s your name? I’m ___.Guy: Are you single? Can I have your number? Me: Um yes I am.. and Um, I am not sure.Guy: Give me your number.Me: I’ll think about it.Guy: Whyyyy?! Please can I have your number? What if I give you my number? Then you give me yours. I want to take you out. Me: I am only interested in dating a guy who loves and is following Jesus. So if you … Continue reading How to Not Flatter a Woman (and get yourself rejected)

Lemmings Pressure and You – the Asch experiment

This was shown at the beginning of my minister’s sermon at church tonight. Fascinating. The geek that I am will now be reading up on all I can find this week about the Asch experiment. What do you think? Would you cave to pressure? What are you doing in life that is just conforming to what’s popular around you?  Can you be the odd one out? For how long? Do you stand up for what is good/right/pure/honest/just/true even if you are all alone? What do you wish you could change about how you relate to people?  Continue reading Lemmings Pressure and You – the Asch experiment

Silly Faces,Toddlers & Technology

My youngest nephew has a penchant for finding the one thing in any room he should not do/touch/go near and that is exactly what he will go for. Toilet water, beer, cables that could electrocute him, the most expensive piece of technology he could break, you get the drift. Last year my brothers laptop got into the clutches of his little 1 and a bit year old hands and he managed to break the sound on it so that it was irreparable. This means since my trip home in the summer, I have not gotten to interact with my nephews … Continue reading Silly Faces,Toddlers & Technology

A Story of Grace – Les Mis

One of my favourite stories is that of Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables. You cannot get away from the astonishing shock of grace all the way through the story. It frees one man and its insult binds another. I am reading a book right now entitled Bold Love by Dan Allender and one of the chapters is entitled “Stunned into Silence: The Liberating Insult of Grace.” I like that title. Chock full of loaded words. Let it sit with you a second. Yep. There it is.. an irony, oxymoron..whatever you wanna call it. The “liberating insult of grace” is definitely the … Continue reading A Story of Grace – Les Mis