Dirty little dancer

The beats in my headphones too much for me
I gotta get down to the sea
And find a quiet spot on the board walk
Leave my bike and bag and dance
Dance til my heart swells dance til the beat fills
My feet as well as my head and heart
Expression as KB’s raps remind me of hope and a broken world
This album makes me wanna cry
It makes me wanna sing
But today I just wanna do my thing
And dance
My quiet corner of the board walk
It’s just me and the music
Taking a moment to feel it
Taking a second to praise
Taking a moment to let my feet do their moving
Hip hop, pop lock, step step
Passersby glance my way
But it’s me and the music and the Lord. I can feel their smiles
I keep on my dancing and they keep on their way
What’s that a fan? He watches for a while.
But I don’t stop. I don’t glance. This is me and my music and the sea
He can watch if he likes
I’m not surprised.
We dancers get the passersby It’s why I tried to find a spot
Out of the way so it could be me and the music
The fan stays up top but it’s me and the beats.
He moves to the other side. It’s been awhile. 20 minutes he’s still there.
Startin to think it’s weird.
No bother. Fans record the dancers. I can handle that.
It happens from time to time.
Bust my thing in my quiet corner of the board walk down by the sea
I start to slow down, pack up my things. Grab my bag.
My fan is still watching. He comes down closer to me.
I see his camera, it’s still out and pointed my way. .
I walk the bike up the hill. No need for eye contact this was just me and my music
Audiences were optional scenary
I walk up the hill, the man’s camera stares gaping at me. He turns quickly away.
I keep walking. I turn again and this time he is there straight behind me,
With his camera aimed at me.
I stop. Turn and face him.
Betcha have a daughter my age I think.
This graying man in his 50s.
Would you like strange men taking footage of her?
So they can remember her in the darkest hours?
I say “Please stop taking pictures of me”
He lies.
I say it again with more force.
He lies again.
Camera still pointed mockingly at me
Maybe ’cause it wasn’t a still picture but was a moving film
He thought he could get away with his lie.
But I know. Either way. I know.
I went to dance at the pier today.
Me and my music, the wind and my beats.
The beats in my headphones too much for me
I had to get down to the sea
Break it and take a moment to be free
The man and the camera took away the joy.
And left me feeling

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