Big up to Fitness.

I love this. 
It is the one website I use almost every day. 

I get an email from them nearly every day about something useful: healthy eating, new exercises, old exercises, how to train for a half marathon, how to do krav maga as a workout, how to keep the training varied, playlists, sun safety tips. 

It is brilliant. 

Not fad ish. All the dieting and exercise tips are real and based on real exercise and science and not the latest quack fad on you know, “cutting calories to 500 a day and hoping to gain muscle mass.” 

When I was a kid I did a lot of exercise from my sport- 3-4 days of figure skating a week, lots of stretching, 5 miles of rollerblading a day, some pretty long cycles regularly. I got to college and rebelled a bit due to the volume of eating disorders and image consciousness. 

But after.. I remembered how much I liked working out and exercising. The last 4 years I think I am fitter than when I first started college fresh from my sports background. The gym membership is a big part of that, salsa helps a bit for random bursts of cardio, but this website has been a huge part of it because it keeps me from getting bored and I can try new things 

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