How To Not Be a Weirdo (but be honest)

I have no problem writing.
I write a lot.
The two things I find difficult in writing are #1 the vulnerability of it. How can you write and say what needs to be said- and not be a share too much person? You know the kind. The people you cringe at when you read their Facebook status. The too-much-info people you wonder: “shouldn’t you be sharing that with a close friend and not with the whole world?” It just feels..
But then there is this sense you get with some writing that has vulnerability to it, that it gives the rest of us the ability to be vulnerable back.
I find that very attractive.
It’s the kind of person I want to be. I deliberately share in real life because I want people to know I am not invincible, I am broken, and maybe just maybe they will feel if not me, but with someone else that they have permission to be real too.
I think that is the kind of writer I want to be. One who shares the real stuff because we all need permission to be honest and real about a crappy world, about our crappy stuff, about the mess around us and in us.
But there are some things that are treasures. You save them because they honour  friendship, or a relationship, by saying.. “This.. this little piece of my heart.. is just for you.” So I am learning that fine line. 

The 2nd is procrastination: I am a great starter, not a great finisher of tasks. Usually because I am an ideas person and start WAY more than is ever possible in one life time. But I am going to try to be more of a finisher when it comes to my writing.. both on here and my songwriting.

My ways of addressing these two things:
#1 The Vulnerability of it:

1.)  Choose to be honest and say it.
2.)  Review it and think “Am I sharing something with the world that doesn’t belong to me?” 
           – can I say it in a way to protect the person I am telling a story about. That could be a modified way of doing it. The realness of life is there whilst protecting a person. 
3.)  Review it and think “Am I sharing something with the world that would damage a relationship in my life?”
4.)  Review it and think “Would it honour people I love not to share this?”
5.) Is it making me feel a bit stretched and awkward to share this (probably a good thing) and am I showing discretion (also a good thing) – I like to have my line of sharing but not TMI be somewhere between these two. Upholding being stretched as well as discretion. 

#2 Procrastination:
1.) I have made a list of my writing and songwriting goals of the next 3 months
2.) I broke down the list into tiny manageable segments
3.) I will write or record every day.
4.) I will have people keeping me accountable to those tasks. 

And so with that.. here we go.. series continues.. 

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