Prosperity, Theology, Adoption and the Idiots Who Make Up Christian Television

I know I am a bit late getting out my sabbatical learnings. I have been in 4 countries in the last 6 weeks so my time and thinking have been a bit squished. It seems I am ready to pack up again just when I settle. I am moving tomorrow to a new flat in the country I moved to 2 weeks ago.. so .. one more packing session tonight.

I should have a post or two out to you this weekend on my 30-30 learnings but first I saw this article and the interview it was responding to and thought I’d leave it for you to view with the first of my few posts on Properity Theology. If you ever get annoyed with the wing-nuts who end up on television speaking on behalf of Christians.. read on.

One of the things that I studied on my sabbatical a few months back was something called Prosperity Theology. Most preaching on American television waves is of this variety unfortunately. “God wants to bless you make you healthy and wealthy” is the teaching vibe in a very stereotypical nutshell but it is deeper and more complex than that.  I will go much more into detail of my learnings and warnings for those following this kind of teaching, for those who love others who follow this teaching and for those interested agnostics, muslims, atheists and unreligious voyeuring in on Christian thought. Feel free. I love it. Read. Comment. Engage. I am fine with disagreement. If you were to become a Christian I’d want you to love and know Christ and stay far away from this teaching that is anything but Christian and far from what God tells us in the Bible..

For those who love a bit of controversy read on.

If people who get on tv and call themselves Christians and say outrageous things, make you angry. Read on. Me too. 

I think teachers should be challenged and put to the test. Politicians should as well. Most definitely religious leaders. The Bible holds those who teach the Bible and lead the church to greater accountability than those who don’t.  When you are evaluating a leader, a politician, the rhetoric of a noisy newspaper, a commentator, a preacher, a teacher; ask these things:

          Is what they are saying TRUE?

          Is it good?! 

          Is it Biblical? (I realize if you don’t yet trust the Bible is true and good, this might not be the first question to pop into your head)

These are good evaluative questions to start with. Pat Robertson of the Christian Right in the US unfortunately gets quite a bit of airwaves and vastly does not speak for what Jesus is all about and it often bothers me as a Christian. Read the response below by Russell Moore. An excellent response if I might add.

Pat Robertson’s Advice: Don’t Adopt Children

Russell Moore’s response:

Pat Robertson vs. the Spirit of Adoption

“I say to my non-Christian friends and neighbors, if you want to see the gospel of Christ, the gospel that has energized this church for two thousand years,
                        turn off the television. 
The grinning cartoon characters who claim to speak for Christ don’t speak for him. 
Find the followers who do what Jesus did.” – Russell Moore

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