My Strange Life

I long for boring things. 

Owning a house/flat and having to upkeep some form of a lawn or garden.

Having a husband and getting/having to do more laundry than I bargained for. Having a houseful of noisy kids. Trying to get them not to launch their food across the table.

Living in one house/flat for more than two years. Not having another 24 roommates the next ten years.

Having one roommate the rest of my life (ahem.. invisible-husband-to-be)

Whilst l long for the boring, even mundane things that my country promised in the American dream.. the 2.5 kids, spouse and white picket fence, instead my life has been anything but that picture.

Due to my cross cultural life and job, Mr Social Security office has me exiled from my beloved UK for six months to try to keep something I don’t even know will be there when I am old. I was made to think about what country I would retire in (are you serious?!) when my bucket list of countries I could end up living in is still endless.

Two weeks ago I just entered my 30th countryYes 30th. I only count countries I have left the airport. If I could count the airport stopovers there would be a few more but that is definitely cheating. I spent 8 days in Estonia with all our European staff. Country number 30. Some people long for travel. I like travel but feel a bit.. tired by it sometimes. I have been on 21 planes since January. Now I realize that some of these are because I am cheap/not rich and will get the cheapest flight even if it takes 2 stopovers. But yes, 21.

The second war torn country I visited I decided to check out the US State Department’s “Do not travel to these countries” list for American citizens. It was on the list. I ignored that. I thought.. “maybe I should print this as my bucket list of future destinations.” I think I wanted to visit 20 of the 30 countries on the list. 

I have a sister in law and a few friends from university who happily remind me every time I long for their lives that they would love to have my experiences and be able to get up and go. Funny. They long for exhaustion and living out of a suitcase. I long for exhaustion and shouting at your children. They want to get up and go and I kinda want a reason to tie me down to stay.

I have lived a pretty cool life through my twenties. I do have to say that. I have some very deep sadnesses I experienced but not a lot of regrets.

Learning from “the grass is always greener problem” I am trying to look for opportunities for gratitude. Yes I did not want to leave my beloved Toon but there were so many reasons it was a good idea and God’s grace and mercy at work. I hate living out of a suitcase but the last month has allowed me to dip back into the UK briefly and see friends (I had already gotten my ticket to Estonia from the UK so it made sense to use it), see staff friends and experience an amazing trip in Estonia for work, get to move to Ireland by the grace of hitching a ride with a very good friend for a travel adventure involving a mini and a boat. And now.. ten weeks to try and experience a new city in a new country before I can return to England. Work should be a lot of fun here. And when I meant city…

Maybe I got that wrong a bit. The first few weeks have me living in a wee… hmm…

Fishing village basically.

It is cute. And not Dublin. My dad would be very excited to know I am not living in a big bad city for the next two weeks. I think my dad hates that I live in and love cities. This wee village is JUST my dad’s cup of tea. You could leave everything unlocked and you’d be fine. Although my dad would still lock everything 12 times. There have been three laptops laying around in the common room by the unlocked front door of the sorta boarding place I am staying these two weeks. I have just seen their owners tonight for the first time. Brilliant.

Welcome to a sleepy village in Ireland. This is where I live. 

View out my window in this wee Irish village 

View coming into Belfast 

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