Sabbatical thoughts:

I am back very briefly in the UK in transit again for work but I thought I’d write up a bit on my sabbatical learning experiences. I am a bit busy this weekend throwing a BBQ reunion of sorts with friends in my short transit through my city as well as a bridal shower (with all the American- cheese) for my housemate of three years this weekend so I will get back to these posts next week and post more on them as well as continue my 30-30 series on the top thirty things I have learned in the last 30 years. I am nearly halfway through! 🙂 

1.) God’s sovereignty (this was personal and not a “Set out” aim of the sabbatical.. but definitely deserves a lot of thought because it was an overarching theme of my whole time in the US. 

2.) What it means to be “born again”.. implications.. a lot of learning about what Jesus is talking about in John 3 the “doctrine of regeneration” some might call it. 

3.) Faulty teaching in prosperity gospel churches.

4.) A lot of random things.. I’ll just do a whole blog on the extras. I got to listen to a sermon nearly every day the first 2 months I was home. I read countless books. Lots of Bible. And learnt a lot from others. The Lord was very good to me. 

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