One of the things I have been so grateful for on my time in the US is moments with people that are absolutely refreshing. I have had them with my family. I have had them with dear friends from college. Some I got to see after 6,7,8 year absences with nothing but email and .. we just pick right back up like we haven’t been away. This week I got to see one of my roommates from college. We had two hours. That was it. Two hours in the three months I had been home. But they were a good two hours. And it was precious. I love her a lot. I’ll take 5 minutes of good conversation a hug from her.

Tonight was another one of those nights with two couples from my church. They have kids about my age but when I started looking for a small group bible study around college/after college time I ended up with their age group on Sunday morning and then decided to stay. So for my first few years out of college my Sunday School class of sorts was people old enough to be my parents. They had groups for my age group but I liked all of them and stayed. Tonight was just.. refreshing again.. we ate great burgers and fruit salad and just caught up and they prayed for me. They love the Lord and are really active in serving him our church and their jobs. They have raised families pointing them to Jesus. They serve all over the world and right here in my area. They are just normal Christians. I love soaking up their wisdom. I have a lot to learn from them. And like my friends from college.. I see them and can have real conversation very quickly even after a long time. Priceless.

I love priceless, honest, real, moments.

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