Yelling at Men by Mark Driscoll

I have met so many women who have been SO jarred in their view of God, of Christianity by men who called themselves Christians and who treated them like sh*t. There is no nicer way to put it. Many of those women would not call themselves Christians and yet their only representative of a “man of God” is someone who abused them, cheated on them, manipulated them, got them to sleep with him etc etc etc.

It is serious business.

If someone is taking the name of Christ and misrepresents him to others it is serious business. Sin is serious business. Your witness is serious business. Disobedience is serious business. The amount of women I have had to apologize to and say I am so sorry. That is not the gospel and he should not have treated you that way, done that, etc etc etc. This is what God is in the business of doing in men’s lives should they know him.

I am blessed to have some incredible men who love Jesus, repent and have been changed in my life as family members and friends. Men who love God, respect women, treat single women like sisters and honour their wives. I am glad I can see those men because there are so many hypocrites, liars, and fakers out there. It reminds me that God is good. People are bad. And Jesus is in the business of changing bad people.

*** If you are a man reading this and not a Christian.. you might agree with his rant at abusers but feel angry or confused about the no sex outside of marriage. You don’t have those convictions because you don’t know Jesus. This is specifically targeting men in the church who are disobeying, manipulating, abusing and hiding under the guise of Christian. If you are not a Christian.. don’t feel unforgivable.. repent and follow Jesus. You too can be a real, changed, cleansed Holy Spirit directed Christian. But consider the bulk of this rant at churched men.***

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