Not so often 4th

The last time I remember really celebrating a 4th of July I was with a group of about 30 new friends who had all been doing some cross cultural training with me for a summer and we had all lived abroad for awhile and weren’t coming back for ages. 

We sang lots of patriotic songs very loudly as Fireworks shot over our head. I didn’t realize there were so many patriotic songs out there. I have not been so embarrassingly American since then. It was great. 

It was 2006.

Now I do make it back a good amount. I am grateful for modern technology and the ability to travel back. People with my job 150 years ago would pack their belongings in a coffin never to return home alive. I have so many heros. 

But now I do fly back and forth and can but I miss so many important things. Most birthdays from the last decade. Including both my nephew’s births and 1st birthdays. 

So this sabbatical has been such a blessing in its timing and length. I got to be here for my birthday, my brothers, my dad’s 60th birthday yesterday and his retirement last week. 

Today was our Independence day. It was okay that we decided to overshadow our national holiday with celebrate Daddy day. No one even remembered sparklers. It was just so great to have quality time. 

My love language is definitely touch and words of affirmation but I think quality time is high on the list as well! Can I be greedy and have three out of the five? 🙂 

So this not so often Fourth when Americans are celebrating independence and liberty and all the things that we all have to be grateful for in our grand country, I am grateful for my family both immediate and extended and time with them and the sovereignty of the Lord’s timing in giving me this particular time with them! 

2 thoughts on “Not so often 4th

  1. I KNOW who you are! How is it that I did not know about this blog? Is this a new one?? I did NOT know your dad was retiring! WOW THAT I CANNOT BELIEVE! Those strawberries look awesome! Love you, thanks for commenting on my blog.


  2. Lol! Jacque hilarious! How did you not know?! All of my FB notes are from here! 🙂 I blog blog away. Well.. enjoy.. I am blogging more lately so you can read lots of rants. LOVE YOU! x


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