My Saga with the "2" beat

When I was in college I was asked to join a gospel choir by my RA (resident advisor for you British people – a graduate student who is in charge of and lives in a fresher hall and looks after them and advises them academically and otherwise.) who heard me singing in the quad behind my dorm. She said “you have the voice of an angel” and next thing I know she drafted me for her choir. Aw bless Kiada! Lol.I however did not have the rhythm of an angel.I was the token white girl in an incredible gospel choir … Continue reading My Saga with the "2" beat

Sabbatical thoughts:

I am back very briefly in the UK in transit again for work but I thought I’d write up a bit on my sabbatical learning experiences. I am a bit busy this weekend throwing a BBQ reunion of sorts with friends in my short transit through my city as well as a bridal shower (with all the American- cheese) for my housemate of three years this weekend so I will get back to these posts next week and post more on them as well as continue my 30-30 series on the top thirty things I have learned in the last … Continue reading Sabbatical thoughts:

Things I like about America

My time in the US of A is winding to a close. It has been the longest I have been in my country since 2006. I have been grateful for a much needed sabbatical. It is time to return to Europe. Before I go, I thought I’d leave you with THINGS I LIKE ABOUT AMERICA! Sitting in an airport with free wireless (why don’t they all do this?!) I thought I would leave you with my American loves. 1.) My nephews. Okay this is not really a particular American thing. But they are American and I love them and only get to see … Continue reading Things I like about America

Justice for women in Afghanistan

I read the following article below as I sit in freedom in an airport. Able to travel by myself as a woman. Able to walk through the airport without (as many) stares and sexual harassment as this woman would face… even with a burqa on. There are so many terrible things about this murder – but the one that came to my mind first was she probably didn’t even commit adultery. Most likely she would have been raped. And then accused of adultery. Adultery in this culture would be very unlikely yet for the men’s crimes, she was murdered… It … Continue reading Justice for women in Afghanistan


One of the things I have been so grateful for on my time in the US is moments with people that are absolutely refreshing. I have had them with my family. I have had them with dear friends from college. Some I got to see after 6,7,8 year absences with nothing but email and .. we just pick right back up like we haven’t been away. This week I got to see one of my roommates from college. We had two hours. That was it. Two hours in the three months I had been home. But they were a good … Continue reading Refreshing

"Premarital sex de-incentivizes a young man to grow up, take responsibility, and lead his home and family."

I love this website. 🙂 It has some great things posted. Here is a recent blog. I realize this is very counter cultural to many of my readers. Feel free to challenge it and have a discussion.  Jared C. Wilson The Gospel Coalition Click here to read the whole article: 10 Things Young Singles in Romantic Relationships Ought to Know 1. It’s not bad to want to have sex with your significant other. It’d be another sort of worry if you didn’t. The key is to want to glorify Christ more than you want to have sex with each other. 2. … Continue reading "Premarital sex de-incentivizes a young man to grow up, take responsibility, and lead his home and family."

Yelling at Men by Mark Driscoll

I have met so many women who have been SO jarred in their view of God, of Christianity by men who called themselves Christians and who treated them like sh*t. There is no nicer way to put it. Many of those women would not call themselves Christians and yet their only representative of a “man of God” is someone who abused them, cheated on them, manipulated them, got them to sleep with him etc etc etc.It is serious business.If someone is taking the name of Christ and misrepresents him to others it is serious business. Sin is serious business. Your … Continue reading Yelling at Men by Mark Driscoll

Not so often 4th

The last time I remember really celebrating a 4th of July I was with a group of about 30 new friends who had all been doing some cross cultural training with me for a summer and we had all lived abroad for awhile and weren’t coming back for ages. We sang lots of patriotic songs very loudly as Fireworks shot over our head. I didn’t realize there were so many patriotic songs out there. I have not been so embarrassingly American since then. It was great. It was 2006.Now I do make it back a good amount. I am grateful for modern … Continue reading Not so often 4th