Rainbows and walking

I took a long walk through my neighbourhood tonight. I left the music off for once. I did not run. Just walked. It was close to 9 when I left. The sky had been threatening to rain all day and despite the clouds and heaviness in the air we hadn’t gotten our typical June pouring thunderstorm. Instead it was more like spitty English rain as I walked. But it was so refreshing. Not cold the way English rain would be. The air was warm and the rain was just slightly cool. In that you didn’t realize you were cold until you touched … Continue reading Rainbows and walking

Excerpts from Red Like Blood, books in unexpected places and grace out of shame and adultery

I was in a war-torn country not long ago and just before we left the last night or so we stayed in a kinda safe house. I was so excited for a decent bed and the heat that this building seemed to have. I had many cold nights falling asleep in the last place seeing my breath, texting back to the UK about how cold I was.I took my bag upstairs and saw a book shelf.I am a sucker for bookshelves.As a child I coveted Belle’s library and wanted one of my own someday. All of my travel and not … Continue reading Excerpts from Red Like Blood, books in unexpected places and grace out of shame and adultery

Bone Marrow Drives, My Church and the Cross.. reflections of the week..

I started going there when I was about 18. It was the first church I picked myself and learnt to settle in and serve in on my own without my parents. I had looked for the better part of a year and basically church hopped with friends which I am glad is not a habit I kept up for life. Just before I went off to college I ended up settling at Christ Community Chapel (still called Hudson Chapel back then and I still get the name wrong sometimes!) I can’t remember why exactly I ended up picking it.. probably … Continue reading Bone Marrow Drives, My Church and the Cross.. reflections of the week..

#10 Pursue People 30-30 Challenge

Two people who had a big influence on this perspective in my life were Jane Armstrong and Mark Brown, two staff of a Christian ministry I was very involved with as as student in college. Jane would say in her little southern accent “You never know when God is going to bring your next best friend into your life.” Jane had an incredible ministry with women for over 25 years by the time I was a student and I graduated awhile ago. Flocks of women around the country met Christ through Jane. Women lived in and out of her just-off-campus house. … Continue reading #10 Pursue People 30-30 Challenge

Truth obeyed will heal…

In need of some healing myself this week. A very very sad and broken heart. When  the soul feels it will break and the tears come at the oddest of times.. as I fall asleep  or in the shower… I am grateful to the Lord for his mercy and care and the remembrance  that Jesus became Immanuel “God with us” and knows my pain deeply. This is good  for the soul. Grateful to the http://www.desiringgod.org emails I get in my inbox which are often  Divinely timed so right. The Lord and his goodness speaks above the pain…  Truth Obeyed Will Heal … Continue reading Truth obeyed will heal…

Could you help save Amelia?

Well, aside from my normal rants and rambles I have a post I’d love you to all take a moment and act on. I was friends with James in high school and his wife Amelia was just diagnosed with her second bout of Acute Myeloid Leukemia, a very aggressive cancer. There is no match for an urgent bone marrow transplant that she is in desperate need of. This weekend my church Christ Community Chapel has opened its doors to let us have a bone marrow drive for her and utilize church traffic. If you are in northeast Ohio and can … Continue reading Could you help save Amelia?

My three year old nephew and Beyonce

My nephew is 3 and a bit. He can’t talk very much yet. I have a name that is not that easy for little kids to say and my nephew has decided to take his time in the talking department. I was DELIGHTED three weeks ago when he busted out with an “Aunt Christy!” Very triumphantly he proclaimed it in the back seat of my sister in laws car while we were on a trip across town. He then managed to get out “Aunt Christy Aunt Christy Aunt Christy” a lot the rest of the night. It was adorable and … Continue reading My three year old nephew and Beyonce

#9 How Can I Know I’ll go to Heaven? Assurance.

I am a firm believer that one needs to shift and grow throughout life. One of my biggest fears is reaching stagnation and getting to a place where I am not teachable and not hungry to learn. Open-mindedness. Kind of. But it’s not the word I am quite looking for because the way it comes across in our culture.. “your mind needs to start open and stay open” would be our colloquial definition. Well I say if that is the case.. nothing will stay in the mind and everything will fall out and you will have nothing left of worth … Continue reading #9 How Can I Know I’ll go to Heaven? Assurance.