Musical Meyhem to one of my Best Friend’s Weddings..

Road trips are awesome for hours of unhindered music fun. 

I am singing in one of my best friends weddings this weekend (I now have tacky songs from My Best Friend’s Wedding rolling through my head.. something about “putting on my makeup and saying a little prayer for you” – am I the only one that doesn’t like that movie?!) so that meant at least some of my road trip was spent practicing the wedding songs. But that can only go on for so long. Driving from Ohio to the East Coast of Virginia.. especially when you smack into DC at 4pm (ouch!) makes for a long trip and many more artists to cover. Here are some I perused through on my trip:

Justin Timberlake
Maroon 5
Jason Mraz
Kings of Leon
Snow Patrol
Mute Math
Counting Crows
Mumford and Sons
Death Cab for Cutie
Jack JOhnson
Perry Farrell 
Ron Renaissance
Robin Thicke
Lauryn Hill
Missy Elliot
Black Street and Dr Dre
Stevie Wonder
James Brown
Corinne Bailey Rae
Alicia Keys
Fats Domino
Wycliffe Jean
Destiny’s Child 
a random soppy bachata mix album
all 4 Jon Foreman seasonal EPs (the wedding song is on one of them) 
all 3 La Excelencia albums

Below are the two songs Rachel is having me sing with a guy I will meet tomorrow.. 


Never did end up finding a date to the wedding. It ended up being too complex so looks like I will be making new friends this weekend! 

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