Walking in thunderstorms

When I was a kid I would jump on my bike and head out for a long bike ride the second the air smelled like rain so I could enjoy the thrill and excitement of being soaked to the bone and the thunder and lightning and the droplets splashing down on your face- before my parents could do something sensible and stop me from leaving the house!

It’s kinda like running a red light when it’s yellow and you hit the acceleration… “Committed!” 

I am trying to fit in as much walking as possible in suburbia Ohio which is not easy considering everything everywhere is so far apart and I don’t have the time to spare to get to the places I need most of the time. But I can walk from my brothers to my parents easily and set off on the mile walk just as the thunder clouds were looming. Turned down a ride home three times. Halfway through the walk the thunder and lightening started and by the time I was at the three quarters zone, I was also getting very wet. It was great. 

Refreshing. I love breathing in a thunderstorm and feeling the rain on my skin. Top likes in life. 🙂 

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