"When I Became a Man" Some spoken word for the wounded souls..

The web has a way of leading you from one thing to the next. From my old housemate and friend’s blog recommendation, to me googling Frankie Martinez (something the blog reminded me of) to two Frankie salsa videos and this coming up in the queue with it. It has nothing to do with salsa. 

It is spoken word. 

If you haven’t heard spoken word. I recommend it. It’s a style of poetry I have only seen in the African American community and it manages to stop me every time. Choke me. Bring me to chills or tears. 

There is always something profound being said I have found. And it’s said in a way that makes me hear. 

For all the ladies out there who feel the men have not been men.. and it’s not in the “women just complain about men” gig that happens between the sexes. It’s in the deep heartfelt wounds you and I have from men… this.. gives me hope. For change. Redemption. Newness. For the Gospel affect.

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