Rainbows and walking

I took a long walk through my neighbourhood tonight. 

I left the music off for once. I did not run. Just walked. It was close to 9 when I left. The sky had been threatening to rain all day and despite the clouds and heaviness in the air we hadn’t gotten our typical June pouring thunderstorm. Instead it was more like spitty English rain as I walked. 

But it was so refreshing. Not cold the way English rain would be. The air was warm and the rain was just slightly cool. In that you didn’t realize you were cold until you touched your skin and it was crisp and cool to the touch from the rain. But I was walking at a good pace, so I was warm and it felt great. 

Very early on in the walk I saw a gorgeous rainbow, vibrant with a very clear strong arch from top to bottom covering my neighbourhood. It was just stunning. I love when the rain is just so perfect so you can see a rainbow. The sky behind me was a pale peachy beige and the sky in front of me was faded robins egg blue with the gorgeous rainbow arching over it. There was the tiniest hint of a second bow under it. Rainbows always make me smile and remember God’s promise. Grace coming through the storms. 

Halfway down my street I saw a little herd of raccoons pass not 10 feet in front of me. A fat mama and her three chubby half grown babies tumbling over her quickly as they ran down a drive way and all toppled over each other trying to scramble for the drain to the sewer. ‘Coons aren’t out when it’s still light very often and seeing the whole family together just made me smile. 

I continued walking and smelled one of my favourite smells: woodsmoke. People on the next street over had a bonfire going. If it wasn’t still so warm and sticky out it made me want to put a fire in our stove just so I could smell the smell again tonight. I kept walking and very sweet flowers wafted to my nose. I never could discover the source but they were delicious. 

I have decided to do this more while I am home. The speed of my life is fast. I have a perpetual soundtrack going when I exercise usually. But this was just good. It gave me time to pray. To smell. To reflect. To meditate. To just take in the small things. 

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