Could you help save Amelia?

Well, aside from my normal rants and rambles I have a post I’d love you to all take a moment and act on. I was friends with James in high school and his wife Amelia was just diagnosed with her second bout of Acute Myeloid Leukemia, a very aggressive cancer. There is no match for an urgent bone marrow transplant that she is in desperate need of. This weekend my church Christ Community Chapel has opened its doors to let us have a bone marrow drive for her and utilize church traffic. If you are in northeast Ohio and can come between 5-8 on Saturday or Sunday from 8-1 you can be swabbed, join the registry and see if you could be a match for Amelia. If not Amelia… you maybe able to help someone else in need. If you go to Christ Community Chapel, make sure you look for our tables before or after the service (can you come early??) where you can be swabbed or donate money or both.

As well as seeing if people would be potential matches, we need to raise money for the drive to cover the costs of processing each match and potential donor. Could you help with that? $52 will cover each swabbing kit and the processing of it back in the lab.

Lastly if you can’t come you can still be added to the registry by signing up on the website and getting a kit sent to you where you can send it back with your spit sample to see if you’d be a match.

Be The Match Foundation: Team Be The Match of North Central

Thanks everyone and please be praying for Amelia and James. Pray they’d know the love of God on them right now and his deep care for Amelia. Pray for healing. Pray for a match to be found and pray for the drive to get many people registered who would be able to help others if not Amelia.

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